Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jan 3rd surf shop visit

Monday Jan 3rd surf shop visit at Aloha Glassing (carpool from Cubberley at 3pm or go directly to the shop by 3:30pm)
14471 Edwards, Westminster 92683

contact Kim Albin with any questions

This will be a very fun field trip, the kids will see how surfboards are made!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

christmas party

our first progressive dinner!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Thanks for coming out to the parade, it sure is a fun tradition to get us into the Christmas spirit!!

Upcoming events: Our christmas party is Monday December 13th (check the date on the flyer, it's not correct) from 6 to 8pm.

Appetizers at Delaneys: 6725 Parapet Street 6-6:40
Gift exchange at Sophias 6915 Rendina 6:50 to 7:20
Dessert at Katies 5863 Pageantry 7:30 to 8pm

Let us know if you can donate an appetizer tray, thanks!

Homemade gift exchange please

January we will start working on our collars, yay!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Belmont Shore Parade 2010

This Saturday, Dec 4 is the Belmont Shore Parade

please wear dark pants, white turtleneck or sweatshirt under your vest or red hoodie under the vest.

i have santa hats but if you have your own, please bring it so we make sure there are enough for everyone.

bring jingle bells to shake or anything christmas and festive to jazz us up a bit.

Meet on Quincy street (same as every year) to line up no later than 6:30 pm, parade starts at 7pm. Bring your permission slip if you were given one at the last meeting. Make sure you use the restroom prior to lining up, there are always long lines at the bathrooms. Be sure to eat dinner so you can make it all the way around the parade loop.

Parents pick up at the island where the parade comes to an end (please walk to meet us as soon as you see us pass by)


Sunday, November 14, 2010

camp wasewagan

Camp Wasewagan was amazing!! hope everyone can attend next year, we had such a great time and earned 5 beads too!!

thanks for all who went!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


kiniya is Thursday November 18th, meet at the shiwaka flagpole at 6pm.

wear uniform (white polo, vest, dark bottoms), jacket, flashlight, sit upon

belmont shore parade is Saturday December 4th, details to come

we are i need of volunteer families to help host our progressive dinner christmas party. please contact me if you would like to help, this will be a super fun party for the kids!!


Wasewagon is next weekend (Saturday November 13-14)
please meet at my house (7140 Killdee street) at 7:30am Saturday morning so we can drive up together. have a light breakfast so you are not hungry, but don't stuff yourself if you tend to get carsick.
make sure you have received and filled out the permission slip and have packed correctly.
this is only a one night sleep over so please bring only a sleeping bag and backpack, no suitcases or large duffel bags needed
no food, candy, cell phones, electronic games
+++++remember: you CANNOT go if you don't have a permission slip +++++++++++

Kiniya is Thursday November 18th 6pm meet at the flagpole at shiwaka (meet at 5:30)
an email will be sent out with the song list for the night, 2 girls will read about our service project to the other groups
please be in correct uniform, closed toe shoes, jacket, sit upon, flashlight

Belmont shore parade is Saturday December 4th

We need two volunteer families to host our progressive dinner christmas party. this will be a really fun new tradition for our group, i am so excited for it!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010


dues are due Oct 4th



green is greater

thank you to everyone who came out to support our group's craft table at the green is greater festival, it was a smashing success!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Good Neighbor Festival

Congratulations Loving Bears!!! We won a Good Neighbor Award!!

PLease attend the award ceremony Saturday September 25th 1pm at the Good Neighbor Park (Studebaker, between Willow and Spring, near the El Dorado Library)

Please rsvp to Christine if you can attend. We need to make sure there is an adult representative attending to help the kids go up together to receive the award.

Be in your Camp Fire Uniform

I am so proud of our group!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

coming up

First meeting of the year is September 13th, 6pm at the church (i still need to confirm with the church that we can continue to meet there, i will send out emails if the location has changed)

Saturday Sept 18th, Gaslamp Green/Wetlands Fundraiser event noon to 6pm, hosting an arts and craft table. Come on down for 30 minutes to help out with some guerilla art.

Camp fire Benefit Auction Saturday September 25th

We are going on vacation in September so the next meeting will be October 4th (no meetings Sept 21,28) Delaney will host. This year each girl will host a meeting for approx 30 minutes. You can make your first, second and third choice from the list handed out at the first meeting. We will let you know what your topic is at the Oct 4th meeting (Delaney we will email you with your topic asap!!)

********our new room is 201 at the church, meeting time is 6:30 for now)

Meeting October 18 pumpkin carving at Emily's house 6:30pm *****Please bring carving tools if you have them********

Halloween Carnival Saturday October 23rd 4pm to 7pm
let me know if you want 4pm, 5pm or 6pm to work the table

The Potential Lunatics Halloween Concert Friday October 29th 6:30pm. (set up 6pm) come in costume, pizza served at 6pm, you can bring friends and siblings

Wasewagon money is due Saturday October 30th, $65.00

Hope you had an awesome summer!!! Yay for our 5th year together!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

camp shiwaka

Camp is from 9am to 3:30 Monday through Wednesday
Sack lunch Monday

Thursday 2pm to Friday 10:00 am
Bring pj's, flashlight, sleeping bag, tooth brush and paste, washcloth, soap for face, clean clothes for Friday.

You can bring your vest for the ceremonial fire on Thursday night, don't forget a jacket, it gets cold at night!

White t-shirt for tie dying on Monday

thanks to everyone who came out for the Camp Fire 100 year Centennial Celebration!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

day camp meeting

Sunday August 8th 2pm my house (7140 Killdee street, 90808)

Please have a ditty bag and sit up for camp (purchase at the council)

Sack lunch Monday

Please bring 20 dollars cash on sunday for the food for the week.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Colorado Lagoon Tidal Art Walk

thank you for everyone who came out to the FOCL event!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer events

Coming up, a few events to attend:

Friday and Saturday, July 9th and 10th "Acoustic Tidal Artwalk" at the Colorado Lagoon. I am in charge of hosting an arts/crafts/games table/booth area and need my Camp Fire kids to help out. Soon I will have all the details, but if you can volunteer for this event let me know. ++++update+++++ Start time is 6pm to 10pm, we will be hosting a craft table and game area. Our location will be near the playground at the lagoon. Wear your camp fire uniform, I am working on making special t-shirts for the event. You will get one if you come help out.

It is held at the Colorado Lagoon in Long Beach, last year it was in the late afternoon/evening, official times for this year are not out yet. It is a fun celebration at the beach with displays of art/photos that are influenced by our beaches and wetlands. There will be food, music, activities for the kids, a lovely location. We enjoyed ourselves so much last year, looking forward to being a part of the festivities this year. This is a great way for our camp fire kids to get out in the public showing support for our local wetlands.

July 31st Saturday
the 100 years of Camp Fire Celebration!!! This event will be starting in the afternoon (around 4pm) and we are signed up to help, more details to come, my first choice for us was to help with singing and serenading. Please mark your calendars for this event and tell all your friends and families to come. this is a National event and we will earn beads and possibly a special patch for helping out. 100 year celebrations don't come around every day!! ******update****** we will be serenading on the patio outside the lodge.

Camp Shiwaka August 9 through 13 (day camp meeting to be announced, probably Sat or Sun August 7/8)
this year we will be earning an outdoor progression patch and i have some interesting crafts lined up! Can't wait! On thursday, we will be meeting early to have a special nature walk together (bring a sack lunch) i will post the time when we get closer to camp.

A few dates to put on your calendar for next year: the Benefit Auction Saturday September 25th, our group will be donating a basket. All groups are invited to attend the dinner and help support Camp Fire. If you are looking for ways to help support Camp Fire in Long Beach, this dinner would be a great way. Camp Fire is always struggling financially, so this might be something your family is interested in attending. It is held at the Long Beach Hilton.

A few fall dates:
October Halloween The Potential Lunatics Concert (*****still working on the date*****)
October 1st Neighborhood potluck, bunco night 6pm
October 23 fall halloween carnival 4-7pm
November 13 Camp Wasewagon (13-14)

We will continue having meetings run by you guys and we are starting a new idea called "Alumni Events" The first alumni event will be the TPL concert in October, we will have a Progressive dinner in december and invite all alumnis to our spring camp out. I hope to start a tradition of having a Beach Bonfire Potluck during the summer and include all of our former Camp Fire friends and families. I am sure everyone misses our camp fire friends who could not continue with our group. Let me know if you want to help with the Beach Bonfire planning, that is one event i need some help with. thanks!!

I will keep updating the blog as info comes in!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 2010

We have two meetings left, June 7 (Danica is hosting) and June 14 at the church (bring a t-shirt or two, we will be silkscreening)

Registration is due by our last meeting (june 14th) check made out to camp fire usa for 26.64

Camp Shiwaka registration due BEFORE this friday june 4th, i will be at the council friday morning to register our group.

I have a large batch of orange beads, just in, let me know if you want to come help me at my garden plot at the community garden over the summer to earn orange beads. check your "vintage" camp fire books (i still have a few xerox copies of the orange bead section) and let me know if you have earned some on your own. we will continue to earn vintage beads next year so if you haven't picked up a vintage camp fire book yet (cheap on ebay) it would be a good idea to get one over the summer. also, the symbol book will also be used over the next few years if you want to pick one up as well. let me know if you have any questions about earning beads or have creative ideas we can do as a group (one idea is to have a father/daughter cake baking contest... love that one!!)


i will be working on our slide show over the summer so send me your photos (historians, you might have some you forgot to send me?) the more i get of all of you the less you will have to see of emily (ha ha!!) i will try to get it done and mailed off before day camp but i might include day camp... so we will see how it goes.

thank you everyone!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Grand Council Fire

Thank you for a wonderful evening, that was the best and most organized GCF i have ever seen. I hope everyone is inspired by the Wo He Lo recipients. You can see how few kids actually earn it, it is the highest honor in Camp Fire. It usually takes a few years to put together (one large service project with many components) and is done at the Horizon level. Not earning mine is something I have always regretted, although I think running two groups right now should earn me one (ha ha!)

Next up: Parent meeting may 3rd 6pm at the church

Sunday, May 2, 2010

los cerritos wetlands!

yay lindsey and danica!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Wood Gatherer's Desire

As firewood is brought from the forest
For the warmth and clear light to blaze skyward
I will reach with my Camp Fire friends
For the heights that I know are within me

I will strive to grow strong like the pine tree
To be pure in my deepest desire
To be true to the truth that is in me
And follow the law of Camp Fire

This Sunday is Grand Council Fire, wear uniform, bring sit upons and flash light. Ceremony starts at 7pm, drop off kids at the Shiwaka flagpole between 6 and 6:30pm. Please donate a package of cookies at the council kitchen on your way in.

You will be sitting behind us, there will be a point in the ceremony where parents will come up and pin the wood gatherer's pin on your daughter's vest. After the ceremony, we will stay together as a group and meet parents back at the lodge. Please don't rush and grab your kid when we are dismissed from the ceremony. It is very chaotic and we want the girls to stay together and walk back to the lodge for dessert.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

TPL and the wetlands

April 17 was a double whammy camp fire day! we had our first ever "east side neighborhood" los cerritos wetlands event (the second one will be May 1st 10am to noon, Los Cerritos Wetlands, meet at trader joe's parking lot in the market place)

There were about 30 or 40 camp fire families there, with another 30 or 40 volunteers from around the city to help pull weeds and take a tour of Los Cerritos Wetlands. i heard many people tell me they couldn't believe all this amazing space we have right here in the city, so much that can be saved. it was very inspiring to hear!!

then, at 5pm we had our pizza and concert with The Potential Lunatics!! a total smashing success! this was a great way to celebrate our end of the year and reward for candy sales, thanks so much to everyone who came out! there were 7 groups invited and we had a nice mix of parents and kids. thank you to the Potential Lunatics and we are hoping to plan another concert soon! Highlights for me were AMBER getting up and singing and playing guitar to a song she wrote (she also went up and did another song with emma) and when a huge chunk of the audience came up and sang with emma! I really loved how emma chose to sing a camp fire song that reminded her of a time when her older sisters were in camp fire and sang to her, i saw many kids singling along with her. it was a great concert!!

The Potential Lunatics will be playing at the Aquarium of the Pacific on May 1st at 3pm, let me know if you want a flyer. our family will be attending the los cerritos wetlands restoration at 10 am May 1st and then seeing the concert at 3pm (much like april 17!!). hope some of you who missed out april 17 can see them there.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

spring camp out

spring camp out is may 14 and the pancake breakfast is may 15th. (check your camp fire calendar, it is written wrong) 50 dollars due by the pancake breakfast or bring a check to me anytime.

last call for the wetlands!! april 17th or may 1at 10 am to noon, meet at trader joes parking lot in the market place. i will be at both events so see you there!! you can drop off if you would like. let me know if you can't make it to these last two events and we can work something out. a trip to bolsa chica will count and there are bird walks at gum grove also.

potential lunatics party april 17th 5pm, please come, bring friends and family!!

add on meeting: May 3rd parent meeting, no kids. we will talk about day camp (august) evaluate this year and plan for next year.Meeting is at 6pm at the church. MAKE NOTE 6PM TIME!!! Not 5pm.

grand council fire sunday may 2nd... everyone is on course for the woodgatherer award. yay!!

may 22nd, 10 am meet at the nature center for a walk and visit to the spca. hosted by jessica and this will count toward an "outdoor progression" award we will complete at camp shiwaka.

june 7th meeting danica will host

june 14 bring a t-shirt or two to silkscreen

everyone is invited to the nationwide council event celebrating camp fire's 100th birthday on July 31st at camp shiwaka. put this date on your calendar, it will be a historic event. our group may asked to help so stay tuned for more info.

Monday, March 15, 2010

March 2010

Thank you for a wonderful Camp Fire Birthday meeting!! We got a lot of work done tonight, hope you had fun!

The Cake Auction has been canceled this Saturday.

Next meeting is March 29th, at the church, Olivia hosts

100 year patch paperwork due by April 19th

Please note that to earn the Wood Gatherer patch this year, each girl must participate in two wetlands activities. I have decided to allow two Los Cerritos Wetlands events to count, this Friday March 19th is a vigil at Loynes and Studebaker at 6:30pm which will count for one event if you choose to attend. (Saturdays April 17 and May 1st available, please rsvp)

April 17th Potential Lunatics party

May 2nd is Grand Council Fire, you must attend two wetlands events before grand council fire to earn the Wood Gatherer award. Handouts for this event will be given at the next meeting.

May 7th/8th Spring Campout and pancake breakfast
tickets for the pancake breakfast have been handed out. money is due by the day of the breakfast. this year we will be responsible for the full amount, we are hoping to have zero cost for food at day camp so unfortunately the pancake breakfast cost falls on all of us. come out and enjoy the sleepover and eat as much pancakes as you can to make the 50 dollars worth it! remember this is a super fun event for the kids, they LOVE it!! I will have a tent set up for spring camp out, please let me know if you want to sleep out with your family, we need at least two more tents for our large group. this is a great opportunity for families to enjoy camp shiwaka too!!!

stay tuned for more updates!

Monday, February 15, 2010

feb/march 2010

candy sales are done! whew! this felt like a really long drawn out candy sales for me, i think having two kids selling is a big part of that. we made it through and we will be getting a nice check to add to our camp fire account which still have a pretty good balance. i will be ordering bead looms for us soon, so we can all start learning how to bead bracelets and headbands. we can take our bead looms to daycamp and work on projects there as well.

camp shiwaka will be august session 3 from august 9 to august 13. i will be there the entire week with the kinder group and can spend time with both groups. this works best for me because i will only be taking off one week instead of two. we will have a daycamp meeting when we get closer to the end of the school year. we will be earning a special patch/award that week as well. lets make day camp super cushy this year, if you have old blankets, pillows etc that are ready for the garbage, hold on to them for camp this year. we want to make a really cool hang out to relax in this year.

next meeting is feb 22 at danica's house, new address will be available soon. we will be having a new member join our group sophia shroeder, if you know her at school, be sure and welcome her to our group. she will need a few buddies to help her learn about camp fire, let me know if you would like to help with this.

pinewood derby has been postponed and may not happen this year, let me know if you are interested so i can keep you posted.

march 1st Natalie hosts the meeting

march 14 Meet and Greet at Grace First Church, in uniform 8:15am, more info to come

march 15 Camp fire history meeting, earn the 100year patch and purple bead. be sure and wear your uniform to school one monday during the month of march to earn this patch/bead

march 20 cake auction neighborhood event, 6:30pm at the camp fire counci (this is NEW UPDATED INFO) each child will bring a cake (homemade or bought, preferably homemade) with whatever crazy decorations you can come up with. the cakes will all be displayed and then auctioned off to the highest bidder. there will be awards given in several categories. it would be a great event to take grandparents to or anyone who would enjoy purchasing a cake from you, your camp fire group or to help support camp fire. i will post more info as i get it. if you have two kids in camp fire, you only need to bring one cake.

no meetings march 8, 22

march 29 Olivia hosts this meeting

april 12 Nicole hosts

april 17 Potential Lunatics Party!!! so far i am thinking we will order pizza and have soft drinks, juice, water. our group is hosting so we can arrive early and help decorate and set up. i will post the time (most likely afternoon, early evening) and address soon. contact me if you have any special requests for this party (special dessert, gift bags? any creative ideas?) we will talk about it at the camp fire history meeting.
*****concert info: Lisa Gonzalez' house 1520 Hackett, Long Beach 90815, pizza served at 5:00pm, concert starts at 5:30pm, shirley temples and roy rogers will be served (water will also be available) the potential lunatics will be singing some jazzed up camp songs so be ready to sing along! friends and family members are welcome to attend!!

april 19 Samantha hosts

april 24 all council work party at camp shiwaka, come help for a few hours to get camp ready for the summer. free hamburger lunch will be provided

april 26 Ella hosts

march and april, if you are hosting a meeting and will not need the full hour (we will always do our "business' the first few minutes) let me know so i can finish up some things we still need to work on. remember to work on your individual symbolgram and we will finalize our "loving bears" symbol this year as well. please don't worry if your meeting plan is not a full hour, just let me know ahead of time. thanks!!

thats a lot of info! see you next monday at danica's!!

May 1st Saturday East side neighborhood service project at Los Cerritos Wetlands 10am to noon, there will be a dozen groups attending this event so if you still need to attend a restoration, this would be a great one to go to. info:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

feb 2010

no meetings for the upcoming monday holidays, next meeting is feb 22nd led by danica, dori will send out info if the location is special

thank you loving bears for all your hard work selling candy this year!!! camp fire council says its been the best year ever!

march is camp fire birthday month so there will be another neighborhood event (cake baking contest of some kind) so stay tuned for that. pinewood derby is march 6th if anyone is interested, let me know.

please keep working on your individual symbolgram, we will work on that in the near future and complete our loving bears symbol.

and last but not least...
we have a date for the Potential Lunatics party/concert! Saturday April 17th, it will be a potluck dinner and concert. Mark your calendars, it will be a super fun party!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Riverbed cleanups

Save our Beach has teamed up with Los Cerritos Wetlands, they have trash clean ups at the beach and around the wetlands. They are also involved in the disneyland ticket give away for volunteering. These events will fulfill the requirement for our service projects (remember you need two, the colorado lagoon plus the los cerritos weltands) so if these work for you, feel free to attend.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

art workshop

i can't believe i didn't take a single picture at the art workshop today, not one!!! i had to snap a couple on our way home in the car...dang!!! it was really fun and i am so proud of all of you guys, you really did well listening and doing the assignment. i hope we can continue working on more drawing and painting in upcoming meetings.