Wednesday, June 24, 2009

camp shiwaka

yeah camp shiwaka!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

los cerritos rummage sale

thank you thank you bear cubs (loving bears!!) you made this rummage sale a success! did you know we earned more than 1100 dollars in sales?? 140 dollars in t shirt sales and more than 50 dollars in donations?? thanks to you guys and your awesome selling of crafty items, lemonade and baked goods. you should be soooo proud!! plus your moms rocked the selling of all those donated goods, thank you thank you!!
see you guys monday morning, bright and early for day camp (9am!)

dont forget ditty bags, sit upons, lunch, a new white t-shirt (if you didnt bring one to the last meeting) and if you still owe 10 dollars for food, please bring it as well. registration papers and money is due asap to me, you can bring it monday or put it in my mailbox. thanks!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

day camp meeting, rummage sale

day camp meeting June 15th at the church. this meeting starts at 5pm and may run a bit past 6pm, lots to do!

bring a t shirt, we will be painting on them with a "lost in space" theme

please choose your indian name and have it ready for day camp, we will be talking about our indian names that week. this year at day camp we get to chop wood and light fires, entering 4th grade (wow the girls are growing up fast!)

we will be planning our menu at the day camp meeting. monday (first day of camp) bring a sack lunch, we cook lunch tues, wed and dinner saturday, breakfast is cooked friday.

the wetlands rummage sale is june 20th and i need as many kids and parent volunteers who can make it. we will be hosting a craft table making friendship bracelets and selling homemade crafts. if you cant make it to the sale, please make something to sell and donate. you can paint rocks, make magnets, bookmarks, paint pictures, make friendship bracelets or anything you would like to donate for us to sell. get creative! please donate rummage sale items (clothes, toys, books etc) as well. bring items directly to the sale or drop off at my house.

the sale runs from 7am to noon and you can come the entire time or for an hour or two, kids can just be dropped of if parents are busy. please wear your vest or red jackets, we want people to see camp fire kids out in the community. there is a high probability several newspapers will be there taking photos, so look your best and come support the restoration of the wetlands! kathleen and isabella will be there, so come see them!

thanks for an awesome year everyone!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

our new name

tan da yah o gah

the loving bears

thank you for a wonderful and democratic discussion and vote for our new name. i am glad we will continue our bear theme!

next meeting is ice cream making, monday june 8, christine will host.

please gather items for the rummage sale, june 20th, you can drop off to my house anytime, thanks! donated baked goods are also welcome.

the day camp meeting will be june 15th at 5pm.