Thursday, February 19, 2009

garage sale cancelled

the garage sale has been postponed, jami has done more than enough with the candy sales and there might be some rain.

sorry guys!

thanks for understanding.

Monday, February 16, 2009

dallas clayton

we have been confirmed for Sunday March 15th at 2pm Once upon a story bookstore

up coming events

well i found out there is a lot of events coming our way next month so i will try to get it out in the least complicated way!

first i want to thank everyone for selling so much candy and for helping jami out as our candy chair, she did the MOST spectacular job!!! she and i are already talking about improvements for next year (i know, i should just shut up about that right now!!) but seriously, we know there is always room for improvement. i am sure we will have it all figured out by the time our kids graduate from high school!


next meeting will be Monday Feb 23rd at the church. bring your workbooks and if you have any beads purchased, bring those as well. we will be working with our vests, beads and indian themes. we need to work on our new indian name for our group (exciting!) i will have beads to hand out to the girls so everyone will have some if you dont have any yet. you can always earn a few on your own between now and the meeting. just browse through the bead book and see what things you are already doing or learn something new!

Lazy J will be feb 27-march 1 i need to discuss how we will be getting everyone there, i plan on taking my truck which holds 6 total. i can haul up lots of gear in the back which should help.


meetings all mondays except March 9, 30th

Skate Depot camp fire skating party Thursday March 5 from 4 pm to 6pm you need to buy presale tickets at camp fire, if we have 100 kids going then the parents are free. only camp fire members will be there so if you like to skate, lets go! feel free to go buy the tickets on your own. let me know if you have any questions. emily is available if anyone wants to take her from kidsclub, unfortunately i have to work until 5 that day.

Bellflower Unified School District Board meeting Thursday March 12th 7:15 pm arrive, meeting starts at 7:30pm
this is a new event for us and i havent signed us up for two years because i felt we were too busy. this is a really big thing to do for camp fire and super easy. We will pick up a birthday cake from camp fire and take it to the Bellflower Unified School District Board Meeting in honor of Camp Fire USA 99th Birthday (March is birthday month for camp fire, sorry if i never really told you guys but it was always last on the list) the girls will then ask the members to join them in the flag salute and leave right after. we dont stay for the meeting. the most important thing is to be well groomed and dressed in our uniforms and be on time. thats it! we can all meet there between 7-7:15 pm and should be done and back home by 8pm.

address: 16703 S. Clark Ave Bellflower, CA 90706 (562) 866-9011 Arrive between 7-7:15pm in uniform

Pinewood Derby is scheduled for Satuday March 14th. Let me know if you are interested in this event. i think we decided to skip it this year when it was discussed at the parent meeting. of course anyone who really wants to attend can purchase their car at the council and attend the event. let me know if a lot of people want to and i can help organize it.

Author Dallas Clayton at Once Upon a Story bookstore TENTATIVELY scheduled for Sunday March 15 at 2pm. I have yet to confirm this date and time, but it looks pretty good so far. This is a fabulous author and one i tracked down myself. he has written and illustrated a book called "The Awesome Book" which is great for little kids and adults alike. it has a really fun and well thought out message. Please come support this event if you can, so far the author readings have been a great success!
i will confirm this date and time asap and send out an email when i know for sure. ****this has been confirmed***

Meet and Greet Sunday March 22nd at the church we meet at. times will be announced soon, last year we had girls come in uniform for about 15 minutes of greeting before the first service (around 8 or 830 in the morning) then we had some girls help serve cookies and candy at the reception between services then walk over to greet before the second service. i will get the times nailed down asap. we need as many girls as we can, we will also have the potter group and another group there to help as well. i need cookies to be brought by each of us as a thank you for letting us meet at the church. these will be served at their reception.

Cluster Candy Sale Recognition and awards picnic Sunday March 29th 1-3pm. We are finalizing the location but it will be held at a local park. This will be a fun event and very casual (bring friends and siblings are welcome) it will be the same crowd from the candy sale kick off so there should be a large crowd of camp fire friends to run around and meet with. it will be a potluck bar b que type picnic. The girls will be recognized for their hard work at candy sales. This event will also fulfill a requirement we will be working on to earn the "Camp fire 99th Birthday" patch.

WHEW! i said it would be busy, didnt i?

the most important events to get to are 1) meet and greet 2) school board meeting 3) cluster potluck 4) dallas clayton... if you have to prioritize, i completely understand!!! we will have only 3 meetings with 2 mondays off, hope that helps.

thanks for everything!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

next meeting

our next meeting will be monday feb 23rd, 6pm at the church. i will be posting more info soon, lots going on around here!


Sunday, February 8, 2009

valentines and candy sales

dont forget our meeting, monday feb 9th at 6pm
we will be having fun getting ready for valentines day.

please bring your workbooks.

candy sales are almost over so we can get everyone caught up on how much has been sold and what is still left to sell. jami can give us an update, thank you to everyone who has helped this year!

sadly we have officially lost two members: danielle and margaret have both left our group. i am hopeful we can keep in touch with both of them and remind them they are always welcome to attend day camp with us in the summer (isabella plans on attending)

lazy j ranch weekend is approaching, we will be having a garage sale at jami's on sunday feb 22nd. everyone who participates will get an equal share in the profit. please help us raise some extra money for the group and clean out your garage at the same time!

see you monday.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

once upon a story

once upon a story

wednesday feb 4th, 3:30pm (for about an hour)

meet this artist and this author

joanne renaud and joan betty stuchner

thanks guys!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Valentines meeting

ok guys, i miss you all too much so i have scheduled a Valentines meeting next monday, feb 9th, monday at the church, 6pm

hope everyone is doing great and having fun with candy sales. i want everyone to know how spectacular jami is, she has taken over the candy sale chair with a vengeance, i am so thrilled and we should all be thankful for her hard work!

thanks again jami!!!

see you on the 9th!