Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Wood Gatherer's Desire

As firewood is brought from the forest
For the warmth and clear light to blaze skyward
I will reach with my Camp Fire friends
For the heights that I know are within me

I will strive to grow strong like the pine tree
To be pure in my deepest desire
To be true to the truth that is in me
And follow the law of Camp Fire

This Sunday is Grand Council Fire, wear uniform, bring sit upons and flash light. Ceremony starts at 7pm, drop off kids at the Shiwaka flagpole between 6 and 6:30pm. Please donate a package of cookies at the council kitchen on your way in.

You will be sitting behind us, there will be a point in the ceremony where parents will come up and pin the wood gatherer's pin on your daughter's vest. After the ceremony, we will stay together as a group and meet parents back at the lodge. Please don't rush and grab your kid when we are dismissed from the ceremony. It is very chaotic and we want the girls to stay together and walk back to the lodge for dessert.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

TPL and the wetlands

April 17 was a double whammy camp fire day! we had our first ever "east side neighborhood" los cerritos wetlands event (the second one will be May 1st 10am to noon, Los Cerritos Wetlands, meet at trader joe's parking lot in the market place)

There were about 30 or 40 camp fire families there, with another 30 or 40 volunteers from around the city to help pull weeds and take a tour of Los Cerritos Wetlands. i heard many people tell me they couldn't believe all this amazing space we have right here in the city, so much that can be saved. it was very inspiring to hear!!

then, at 5pm we had our pizza and concert with The Potential Lunatics!! a total smashing success! this was a great way to celebrate our end of the year and reward for candy sales, thanks so much to everyone who came out! there were 7 groups invited and we had a nice mix of parents and kids. thank you to the Potential Lunatics and we are hoping to plan another concert soon! Highlights for me were AMBER getting up and singing and playing guitar to a song she wrote (she also went up and did another song with emma) and when a huge chunk of the audience came up and sang with emma! I really loved how emma chose to sing a camp fire song that reminded her of a time when her older sisters were in camp fire and sang to her, i saw many kids singling along with her. it was a great concert!!

The Potential Lunatics will be playing at the Aquarium of the Pacific on May 1st at 3pm, let me know if you want a flyer. our family will be attending the los cerritos wetlands restoration at 10 am May 1st and then seeing the concert at 3pm (much like april 17!!). hope some of you who missed out april 17 can see them there.