Monday, October 24, 2011

our "farm" at camp fire

please stop by and check out our new garden plot at camp fire, we spent some time pulling weeds, amending the soil and planting a winter garden on sunday. if you are a "service project" officer you need to stop by at least once a week and water. right now the veggies are very fragile and need lots of light watering. please be careful not to smash the plants, use a light spray to water until they get larger and more hardy. we planted sugar snap peas, onion bulbs, cabbage, rosemary and i came back later to plant some carrot, beet and chard seeds. i also stuck in a few squash seeds to see if we can get some squash as well. thanks ivy and sophia who came out and helped, there will be plenty of opportunity for everyone to help out. we will begin working on the larger area inside the gate that runs along the building (the part next to our plot that continues inside the gate) soon. so be ready for some more weed pulling!! the highlight for me was seeing all the lizards come out to eat the bugs we stirred up by weeding. very interesting!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

halloween carnival 2011

another fun carnival!! thanks to everyone who worked our booth this year!! a special thanks to ivy and walter for dressing up and working our booth like super champs!! i'll see everyone at the next meeting monday november 7th, 6pm at the church.

*** please bring your workbook in a 3 ring binder, pencil/pen to every meeting in a new plain canvas bag we can decorate *****