Thursday, September 29, 2011

upcoming events


so i really enjoyed our last meeting and i am happy to say i spent about 3 hours today learning about the discovery program at a leader training (thats the new level our 6th graders are at) and i have some ideas how to incorporate our adventure kids into meetings as well for this year.

a few things: discovery level is designed with the middle schooler in mind so many of the lessons are more about planning, organizing and then executing a lesson on a deeper level than we have done in the past. kids will be expected to play more of a leader role when planning a meeting (being a leader for an activity is one of the requirements for their end of year emblem for discovery). our meetings will be from 6pm to 7:15 or 7:30 giving us more time to finish up one or two lesson plans and make sure we can do something creative as well.

it is REALLY important that the girls bring their workbook to every meeting, we will be working on specific pages in the book at each meeting. also, we will continue to have officers (president, vp, etc) and make sure everyone gets a chance to run the business part of our meetings. for the next three months, we have pumpkin carving, carnival, thanksgiving holiday meeting, christmas party, belmont shore parade and stuff like that so our curriculum will really kick in around january and february and continue to june.

last, we will focus on indian themes for our collars and learn to use the bead loom to make headbands, bracelets and other items to decorate our future gowns. the adventure kids will be able to participate in this in january because we have planned a meeting to coincide with their collar making workshop. i think this will be really fun for all the girls and will unite us all with decorated collars for grand council fire.

i will work on our calendar and assign each girl to a lesson they pick (just like before, they give me their first, second and third choice) and the date they will present the lesson. most likely we will have 2 lessons at a meeting because they should be approx 40 minutes each. this being our first year in discovery, we will do our best and learn as we go!! again, these kid run meetings will kick in around jan/feb of next year so don't panic. :)

our service project for the eastside neighborhood will continue to be our los cerritos wetlands adventure. for kiniya i have a NEW idea!! Camp fire is interested in putting in vegetables that can be harvested and donated to the long beach food bank. our group can "adopt" a patch of land at the council and "farm it"!! i am thinking a spring salsa garden would be perfect and have the girls get the plot ready, plant it and then harvest the veggies. let me know what you think about this idea. i am going to "adopt" our patch asap so we can work on it in the near future together if everyone likes it. of course i will ask the girls but i want parental support as well.

so thats a mini "parent meeting" for you all and now some business:

our eastside potluck is next week Thursday Oct 6 from 6 to 8pm at the camp fire council lodge. i am personally in charge of some of the activities so i will be there at 5:30 if anyone wants to come early.

please email me with the item you can bring and how many people you are bringing, thanks!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Alice Du Bois

what a great meeting!! we used Alice Dubois as inspiration and the girls did a great job in planning, sketching and painting their pictures. another great year of camp fire!!