Friday, May 30, 2008

flying up to adventure level

tonight was our last official night in starflight, we are now in adventure level...exciting!

highlights for the year:
bird paintings for the los cerritos wetlands fund (donated)
adopting a family who lost their home in the green valley lake slide fire
donating items to the green valley lake relief fund
guerilla art, spreading the message to "save the wetlands!"
portrait painting
portrait quilt made and donated to the cubberley silent auction
meeting dogs who are trained to help deaf people
learning to sew
observational art lessons
"all about our neighborhood" meeting, reading maps and treasure hunt
lots of art, crafts, talking about being good friends, learning new songs, wow! what a year!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

posters and plates

wrapping up this year, we made custom plates for camp shiwaka and posters for our memory board (to be displayed at the winging ceremony)

next event: winging ceremony friday may 30th 6:15pm at the council

meet at the flagpole, parents will drop kids off with kathleen and myself and go to the fire ring, take the new blue vest with you. during the ceremony, one parent will come up and give your child their new vest, dont forget your camera!!

please wear closed toe shoes (no sandals or flip flops allowed in camp shiwaka, sticker alert!), red uniform vest, dark pants, jacket, bring a sit upon, flash light is optional. please make sure you eat before the event, no snacks, candy or toys please.
we want this to be a serious event for the kids, they are flying up to a new level. 2 years completed together, i am so proud of everyone (parents too!)

christine volunteered to bring some cookies, anyone else who would like to bring cookies please contact christine to coordinate with her

have a great memorial weekend!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

monday may 19th

we will be making custom plastic dinner plates for camp shiwaka, special thanks goes to christine for this craft. we will also be working on our memory board for the winging ceremony and learning the song "buddies and pals"

bring your copy of the song and practice at home

here we go, up and running!

the bear cubs have arrived!