Monday, April 27, 2009

game warden

great turn out tonight guys! hope everyone enjoyed meeting the game warden and autographing the pillow cases. bring your pillow case to camp shiwaka!!

i will see everyone 6pm on sunday for grand council fire. we will run through the fire lighting and fire extinguishing ceremony prior to the ceremony, please be on time. bring a sit upon, adults need a blanket or beach chair as well. make sure you have eaten before you come and please no toys, food, cell phones, games etc at this event. this is the formal end of year, all council ceremonial. everyone will be receiving a bag of patches and awards. parents will be coming forward when the "trail seeker" pledge is announced to place a ribbon with the trail seeker pin on it over your own childs head. this is the highest honor we can earn for our 3rd grade adventure level. this is similar to the "flying up" we did in the winging ceremony.

the garage sale is this saturday at 730am, please drop off your items at the church (willow and palo verde) and if you cant make it on saturday, drop it off at my house friday. i will be taking a truckload of items over saturday morning. any girls who can help us sell would be greatly appreciated. linda will be alone the first two hours (i am sending chris to help) and i will join her at about 930am. i am hoping we can make some money to help offset the daycamp costs, please donate and get your closets cleaned out!

monday is the mother daughter tea meeting, bring a cardboard photo box and pictures to decorate it. this will be a fun and very relaxed meeting.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

all camp clean up

thank you to emily, nicole, natalie and sage for helping to get camp shiwaka cleaned up!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

parent meeting

thank you thank you to everyone who came last night, great turn out!!!

we went over the calendar (which was handed out at last meeting and mirrors the blog post april-june)

starting in May, we will start our meetings at 5pm and see how it works out. please let me know if you need me to pick up your child if you have a conflict with time, i would be more than happy to pick up and drop off kids (i can easily take 3 each monday)

this saturday is the camp clean up, not many (if any) people can go, please try if you can, even for an hour. i am doing my best to get there myself. (i believe it is 830 to 1230 with a free lunch after)

for the mother daughter tea meeting (first meeting in may) please bring a cardboard photo box and camp fire pictures to decorate the box. mothers and daughters will work together on this project. if you dont have many pictures, please go to either of my blogs and drag/drop directly from the blog and/or go to my flickr account and look at the camp fire bluebirds folder. you can "steal" pictures by dragging and dropping them on to your desktop, then use iphoto (or similar photo program) to print them out. let me know if you need help with this, i can send pictures to a few of you but dont have time to do everyone. there should be quite a lot to choose from.

spring camp out: kim and i will be sleeping over with one large tent (i have two small tents as well that can hold 2 to 3 girls each) so we can have a pretty large crowd staying over. we didnt figure out dinner yet, but kim and i will work on that. you can come for dinner only (2 dollars and stay for the ceremony) or sleep over (5 dollars) you pay on your way in. set up starts at 4pm, chris will be there early to set up tents and dinner should be around 6pm. pancake breakfast is in the morning, please come and eat your 40 dollars worth of pancakes!!!

grand council fire: formal event, uniforms (white only under vests, turtlenecks and polo shirt), sit upons and flashlights. we will be doing the lighting and extinguishing of the fire, very exciting! we need to arrive at 6pm, ceremony starts at 7pm (not sure why we need to be there an hour early, i will look in to this) grandparents are welcome to this event. parents may want to bring a blanket to sit on and/or small chairs. there may be seating on the lower levels??? this is our first time to this event.

garage sale may 2nd. (i forgot to mention this last night) please bring items directly to the garage sale on the morning of may 2nd at the church (palo verde and willow, white gondola and teddy bear sign) if you can't make it that morning but have some items, you can drop them off with me at my house prior to saturday. the money we earn from this will be put into our kitty for day camp food. this is a GREAT way for our girls to earn some money and i would love to have a few girls help out that day. the sale starts at 730 am and the girls can work a one hour shift or stay as long as they would like. linda and i will be there, i have a conflict until 930am so any parent volunteer who can come at 730 to help linda would be greatly appreciated.

there may be some changes to the calendar, so please check back often. tentatively the May 11th meeting will be a baseball meeting held at wardlow park, anne marie will be running this meeting (we will earn red beads!!) should be very fun!

pancake breakfast ticket money will be due at spring camp out, everyone owes 40 dollars (10 dollar credit from candy sales)

Camp Shiwaka money and forms are due to me by Spring Camp out at the LATEST, please try to have it to me by May 11th, you can always put it in my mailbox. We will get an early bird store credit for our group if we have them all in before May 16th. that would be nice to have!! thanks to everyone who has already turned it in to me.

Jean Potter has invited us to a Beach Bonfire Extravaganza.... sometime late may or june. i will get the details asap and post here. It will be a fun end of year party for all of us and it will be nice to let loose at the beach with the potter group. woo hoo summer!

i will keep posting changes here, keep checking back, thank you!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Garage sale may on may 2

We will be having a garage sale on may 2 at the church sage goes to. 90 percent of our earnings will go in our kitty to help with day camp costs. Please gather things to donate and help clean out your closets :)

Linda and I will run our "booth" but anyone who wants to help, we won't say no to ya! Haha!!

Email me if you think you have items to donate so we can make a plan to get your stuff to the church. More info to come soon (the church is at palo verde and willow, the one with the teddy bear sign and white gazebo)


Sunday, April 5, 2009

April thru June

I am finalizing the calendar and will be posting updates here. Tomorrow, April 6th meeting, i will hand out copies to take home, please make sure you pick one up.

I want to tell everyone that Kim Albin will be helping me as another co-leader along with Christine. There has been so much this year with all the new things, beads, trails and having lost Kathleen over the summer. I have been really overwhelmed and needing help (and not admitting it!!) so i am telling everyone now, i am so happy to have her on board to go over the schedule, give me ideas, help me organize our group. We have discussed many things and i think everyone will benefit from our new approach.

For one: we will try making the first Monday of every month a mandatory meeting. It will be important for us to have all the kids at one meeting monthly so we can hand out calendars, give out information, do a project that will be supporting our "trail patch" and make sure everyone is on track. This year i have had difficulty keeping track of everyone and it has a lot to do with the poor attendance of meetings and unorganized meetings (thank you if you havent noticed, but i have been!) i can't expect everyone to come to meetings if i am not organized myself. from now until the end of the year, we will have meetings every monday except for holidays (including spring break).

Parent meeting will be Monday April 20th, no kids please, bring your camp shiwaka paperwork if you have it ready. i will go over the beads (and how you earn them, record them and buy them) the trails we are working on each year, grand council fire info, spring camp out and pancake breakfast and daycamp.

Saturday April 25th is a mandatory camp clean up, we need as many people as possible to attend this from our group. I plan on going, i know many of you have sports on saturday, so just do your best. its from 8:30 am to 12:30 am and they will serve a free lunch after. we will be cleaning up camp for grand council fire and camp shiwaka, it will be a true "work party" so wear your junky clothes.

Monday April 27th meeting with the Potter group at the church, a biologist will be coming to talk with the kids! should be fun! this will fulfill a requirement for our trail patch.

Sunday May 3rd is Grand Council Fire 6pm (we have graduated out of Winging Ceremony) the girls will be receiving their trail seeker patch and pin, beads and awards. it is a big year end celebration and very important. grandparents and siblings are welcome, it is a longer event than usual though. the girls are expected to be in uniform and speaking of uniforms:

it has come to my attention that the girls need to wear their white polo camp fire shirt under their vests at all times. i guess we have been pretty slack on this, i personally have been extremely slack and it has been noticed by the council. especially when we attend public events such as the flag salute, meet and greet and at candy sales. please make sure you purchase at least one camp fire shirt and i recommend everyone buy a red hoodie if you can. the hoodies are really easy to wear to camp fire events and will serve as a uniform for the more casual things we go to. they are also good for day camp and camp wintaka. if you dont have a camp fire polo, PLEASE use a white uniform polo the girls wear to school. make an effort to put the white shirt under the vest instead of their regular clothes. if we all try, i am sure we will do better at it. thanks!!

May 4th Mother Daughter Tea meeting!! Bring a plain cardboard photo box (the kind you store photos in, like a shoe box) and any camp fire photos you have. we will be decorating the box as a craft, mothers and daughters together. there will be fancy treats to eat, we are celebrating mothers day together. this is a mandatory meeting.

May 11th tentatively: science meeting with christine and the finalizing of our groups camp name (come if you want to help us pick our name!! this will be the name we keep forever!)

May 15th Spring Camp out and saturday morning is pancake breakfast. Kim and I will be sleeping over, Janet may if she can. Anyone else interested?? You can bring a tent! We will discuss this more at the parent meeting. There is a charge for this event, one price for those who just eat dinner and one price for those who sleep over.

May 18th meeting: duck patrol at el dorado duck pond. we will gather to spread friendly info booklets out to people at the pond and do a quick litter clean up. i need a parent to bring plastic bags to share with everyone that day. we will have a special snack and play on the playground together. this will help fulfill a requirement for our trail seeker patch.

May 25th no meeting

May 30 Saturday Father daughter dinner dance 7-10pm more details at the parent meeting

June 1st mandatory meeting at the church

June 8th tentatively the ice-cream making meeting with christine (location may be a park)

June 15th day camp meeting (making t shirts, menu planning etc)

June 22-26 camp shiwaka!!

something else we are going to do: we will be having bear cub bucks which you will earn when you come to a meeting. you will then "cash" in your bucks for a very special and unique bear cub bead that you can display proudly on your vest (and gown). we may have a bear cub store as well, need to iron out the details so make sure you come to meetings to earn your bear cub buck!!

see you tomorrow night!

Friday, April 3, 2009