Tuesday, March 31, 2009

next meeting april 6th

i am working hard on the april-june calendar, lots of fun stuff coming up! there will be a father daughter dinner in may, spring camp out and day camp (second session this year!) so get your calendars ready!

Los Cerritos Wetland update: yes our long lost service project is up and running... lots of exciting buzz going on. you can check out our new facebook page (please join if you can) and there are rallies every friday from 5 to 7pm. i am hoping we can set up a table at an upcoming rally with buttons and maybe posters to hand out to the supporters. the Los Cerritos Wetlands land trust is excited to see kids and young people at the rallies, last week was fun so come if you can!

every friday, 5-7pm loynes and studebaker, park in the "hole" the housing tract on loynes and walk to the demonstration area (not hard to miss). wear your wetlands t shirt and make a sign to support the wetlands!



Monday, March 23, 2009

camp fire 99 year birthday patch wrap up

to earn this patch you needed to do 4 out of 15 items from the list below (included is the flag salute, meet and greet, march 23rd meeting, ice cream social):

if you attended the flag salute, meet and greet, camp fire birthday party march 23rd meeting, ice cream social on march 29th plus wore your vest one day at school, you earned the patch.

1. make "happy birthday camp fire" posters and display in your window or at school, church, etc.

2. contribute to the friendship fund (ask me for the address)

3. bring refreshments to your class at school and celebrate camp fire's birthday.

4. have non camp fire friends over to your house for a birthday celebration.

5. do a community service project to spread the camp fire message.

6. honor a camp fire member past or present or honor a person who lives the camp fire ideal.

7. read about the camp fire history in the book "wo he lo camp fire history" and/or speak with fellow camp fire members who grew up in camp fire.

8. recruit a new camp fire member for your group

9. create and perform a play, skit, poem or public show or dance about camp fire.

10. talk about what you might be doing on a future camp fire birthday, let's say 2035.. will you still be a member? what will the future be like then? write this down in your workbook.

11. do an activity of your own choice to celebrate camp fires 99th birthday.

do a total of 4 activities, write them down and turn them in to me at the first meeting in april. i will be ordering the patches from the forms i receive, please let me know so you dont miss out on this fabulous patch and a purple bead!

thanks to my mom, anne marie and her mom for sharing their camp fire stories with the girls tonight. this was a very special meeting for me!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

meet and greet, check!

thanks to everyone who came to the meet and greet, we had three other groups there to help and we were a nice big crowd! see you guys tomorrow at the meeting, 6pm at the church. we will be continuing our celebration of camp fire's 99th birthday so please try to come! this will be a super special meeting.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

camp shiwaka, camp wintaka

we will be attending session 2 of camp shiwaka this summer, June 22-26

i signed emily up to reserve our spot so you can start signing up asap.

camp wintaka is july 20-25, last year emily, danica and margaret went. isabella is hoping to go this year to keep in touch with all her cubberley friends. you can pay a 100 dollar deposit with the balance due june 1st (this is what i will be doing) also, there is a lot of money sitting in a campership fund that is specific to camp wintaka. many alumni donate money for kids to go to sleep away camp because they know how important it is so please fill out a form if you think it will be hard for you to pay. i am going to look into it myself, this has been a hard year for everyone. dont let finances hold you back if your daughter wants to go. last year much of the money wasnt used and last minute calls were made out for kids to go free! if your paperwork is in, there is a good chance camp fire can help you. look at it this way: they need a full camp to keep it open, they need lots of kids to go so you are HELPING the council if you use the campership money, rather than keeping your child home when they want to go. does that make sense? just fill it out soon, not last minute please.

i sent home the 99 year birthday patch requirements to the girls who came last night, check their bags if you want to double check the requirements. i will be ordering the patches after the ice cream social on sunday march 29th, its a one time only patch so fill out the form and turn it in to me so i can make sure your daughter gets the patch and the purple bead. the girls are excited for this new color bead! (i have more forms, you can get them at the next meeting as well)

we are working on our "trail seeker" emblem for the next two months so meetings will be more structured and curriculum focused. i am still working on the best way to get everyone to earn the trail patch, the beads and the patches that correspond to the beads. i know the girls just want to have fun so i wont labor the issue. i will just post notes here for parents to keep track, if you are interested. in ADVENTURE level, we earn a patch that represents the entire year, the trail seeker patch for grade 3. the girls will need 3 beads of each color to fulfill part of this requirement. i need parents to periodically check the beads your daughter has and if you notice she is lacking a color (red, blue, yellow, brown, green) then its up to you to let me know and/or go through the bead book to make up whatever meetings were missed. at the grand council fire, the girls will be given their trail seeker patch, several emblems that correspond to the beads earned and some beads. i think they will be excited to see how much they have earned this year.

meet and greet this sunday, march 22nd at the church 845am or 10am shifts (shirley is adamant the girls are dressed appropriately, please try to clean them up and put their uniforms on as well, thanks!!) drop off cookies if you want to donate and not attend.

next meeting is going to be a "learn about camp fire's history" meeting with special guests: ME (ha ha), my mom, anne marie and her mom. jessica and amber mentioned they each know a fellow camp fire member and if they or anyone has someone who would be interested in coming and sharing with us, let me know! should be fun! this fulfills a portion of the trail seeker patch.

thanks again for all who made it out see dallas, it was "interesting" and fun! there is another author and artist coming on Jan 29th with a writing and art contest. if you are interested, check the once upon a story blog. (it starts at 3 so you would be finished with the ice-cream social)

march 29th ice cream social at the council 1-3pm. bring ice cream and toppings as you would for a potluck. let me know what you will be bringing. this fulfills a requirement for the 99th birthday patch.

no meeting march 30th.

tentatively: meetings every monday in april except for spring break week.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

dallas clayton

great day, thank you guys!

Friday, March 13, 2009

flag salute

thanks for a great turn out for the flag salute at the bellflower board of education meeting. what a great way to get camp fire girls out in to the community, thanks again guys! see you sunday for the dallas clayton book reading and monday for our next meeting.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

camp fire birthday/candy sale award ice cream social

    (i just had to put up a picture of mr sweetness)
When:  March 29th Sunday, 1-3pm
Where: Camp Fire Council
What: Camp fire 99th birthday and candy sale award Ice cream social

YUM!!! just like the candy sale kick-off, we need to potluck ice cream and toppings. i will have a sign up sheet at the next meeting (please remind me if i forget!!) we just need enough to feed our group and we will mix our stuff in with the other groups.

i need a few parents to help serve ice cream and clean up after. let me know if you can help.

this will fulfill the requirement for a "camp fire birthday celebration" for our 99 patch.

a few ideas if you cant get to the three events this month (flag salute, ice cream social, meet and greet)

1. make a camp fire poster and display it in public (school, church)
2. have a camp fire birthday party at your house and invite friends who dont attend camp fire.

i will keep adding to this list.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

camp fire 99 birthday patch

wear your vest at least one monday this month

attend the meet and greet at the church (sunday march 22 8:45am)

attend the flag salute (thursday march 12 7pm)

attend the candy sale/camp fire birthday picnic sunday mar 29th 1pm (location to be announced)

if you cant make it to all three events, i will be posting alternative things you can do at home. i will try and coordinate a task in to our two meetings this month as well. let me know if you are really interested in earning this patch.


Monday, March 2, 2009

lazy j Ranch

hoping we can all go together next year, such fun!

monday march 2nd

sorry for the confusing month of march, no meeting tonight. there is no meeting march 9th as well.

we will be together thursday march 12 for the bellflower school board meeting, flag salute. i still need a parent volunteer to pick up the cake before camp fire closes that day at 5pm and bring it to the flag salute. i can fit a few kids in my car if anyone wants me to pick their kid up, i can drop them back around 8pm.

sunday march 15 is the dallas clayton author meeting at "once upon a story" bookstore in long beach

meetings at the church monday march 16th, 23rd only

meet and greet at the church sunday march 22

candy sale award picnic sunday march 29th (1pm)

no meeting march 30th. i am working on the april schedule. spring camp out is may 15-16 (pancake breakfast is may 16th)