Tuesday, May 19, 2009

duck patrol

thank you to everyone who came to our duck patrol, this was a nice change from the last one! we found no one was feeding the ducks and were more positive toward us. what a relief! periodically we will meet at the duck pond for duck patrols, this will be ongoing next year as well. we can also meet at the colorado lagoon, a beautiful oasis in the city! see everyone after the holiday!

next meeting is monday June 1st, please look over the indian name worksheets i gave you and/or get an indian name book from the council. we will choose our new indian group name and our own individual names!!

we are hosting a bake sale table and an art/craft kid table at the upcoming, just announced Los Cerritos Wetlands Rummage sale on Saturday June 20th being held at the Gaslamp restaurant on Loynes and PCH. We will need to supply lots and lots of home baked goodies so get ready for some baking, please mark your calendar and get more junk out of the closets. we can host a camp fire "junk" table as well. i have bags and bags of stuff, just need a volunteer to run it. let me know if you can help!

June 7th beach bbq at bolsa chica, 3pm, dori and i will be working on this, let me know if you are coming so we can coordinate the fire ring number we will be at and wood (does anyone have some to donate?) bring your own dinner!

June 8th Ice cream meeting at the church, 5pm

June 13th 8am, Mary has invited us to a bird walk at gum grove park, this is a last minute add on to the schedule, i am going to try and make it. let me know if you can go, gum grove park is in the "Heron Pointe" housing tract in seal beach off seal beach blvd, across from the naval station. next year we will meet there for at least one meeting, you can see Los Cerritos Wetlands on this walk!

June 15th Day camp meeting: bring a t shirt to decorate. drop a shirt off to me if you cant make this meeting. we are planning menus and making our mascot. day camp theme is "lost in space!"

June 20th Los Cerritos Wetlands Benefit Rummage Sale

how can you help? donate goods to sell, host the "sale" table, help at the bake sale table, help at the kids/craft table, donate baked goods... anything else? just let me know! thanks so much guys! i am running this entire event myself!

Fall registration packets due to me by June 15th so i can get them in on time. if anyone knows someone who wants to join our group, now is the time since day camp is the start of our year.

Summer: we are officially off after day camp but i will be continuing my work with the wetlands group so periodically i will send out emails if i need girls for events. i also would LOVE to have a painting type class where i can teach drawing and painting in more depth. let me know if you are interested, i can plan it and send out a list of materials needed (for example a sketch pad and canvas board). i will be doing this with emily and more kids would make it fun.

thanks for another great year! you guys are the best!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

duck patrol: coming up!

next meeting is the duck patrol at el dorado duck pond, 5pm
wear your duck patrol shirt if you still have it and the name tag (with your vest would be excellent!)

here are a few photos of the past few events

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

upcoming events

hello there! the year is really rushing by!

next meeting: Wardlow Park for baseball instruction, anne marie will run this meeting.
remember start time is 5pm now

spring camp out is may 15th, kim albins wont be able to stay over now. is there anyone who wants to sleep over? i still have my gigantic tent that will hold at least 6 or 7 girls plus 2 adults on the blow up mattress. let me know if you are interested. no problem if no one cant, chris most likely will. i will work on dinner, it will be an easy one (can you say pizza delivery???)

pancake breakfast money is due by spring camp out but i would LOVE it if everyone could give me a 40 dollar check at the next meeting. i can turn it all in early and be done with it. thanks!

we made 74.25 at the garage sale last weekend. thank you linda for signing us up for that and staying the whole time! this is an easy way for us to make money so lets try for another bigger garage sale next year. the money will go toward day camp food.

may 18 duck patrol meeting at el dorado duck pond, 5pm bring a plastic bag to pick up litter. we will hand out information materials to people feeding the ducks. be in uniform please. meet near first fountain at entrance.

no meeting memorial day

june 1st meeting: choosing our camp name, choosing individual names 5pm start time (from now on, 5pm meetings)

june 7th beach bbq with the potter group (tentatively bolsa chica 3pm start time)

june 8 ice cream meeting at the church

june 15 day camp meeting

june 22-26 is camp shiwaka!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Grand Council Fire

Trail Seeker Desire

I desire
to seek the way
that shall become
a delight to my heart
for it will bring me
to the fire of human kindness
lighted by those
who have gone before me
on the camp fire trail

we graduated from Trail Seeker to Wood Gatherer! thanks to everyone who came tonight, it was fun and i am so proud of the girls who were the fire lighters, trail seekers and then fire extinguishers. good job girls!! our first grand council fire!