Wednesday, October 29, 2008

christmas list

here are some things you can buy for your girls for christmas that we can use in future camp fire meetings. most of these items are difficult for us to buy for everyone from our kitty, but are fairly inexpensive. for example, if enough people have the carving tools, we can share at a meeting on carving rubber stamps.

these are all great gifts if you are looking for "non china made cheapo toys" for your kid this year! the red hoody jacket is great to have for camp fire events, the girls can wear them as their "uniform" when we are out and about in public too.

1. speedball carving tool and blocks

2. speedball carving tool kit (it comes with a rubber block to carve)

3. watercolor paints, acrylic paints ( i like the "golden" brand as well)

4. watercolor pad of paper, sketch pads

5. oil pastels, good quality colored pencils

6. brushes (nice set of different sizes)

7. camp fire red hooded jacket (sold at the camp fire store)

8. thin white canvas boards (like the ones we used for the wetlands paintings) these are very inexpensive

9. keri smith books for inspiration, "how to draw" books

finally: anyone looking to donate art items to our group craft supplies: we need white glue, plain white copy paper, poster board (3 sided free standing boards are great too), construction pads, fabric pens, fabric paint

hope this helps everyone with their christmas shopping!

coming up

happy halloween everyone!

the next meeting will be a sewing meeting with christine, at the church, 6 to 7pm
we will talk about kiniya and ceremonial manners, if you have completed your charity chores you can bring your worksheet (with the beads you earned listed) and your 5 dollars. we will pick our animals on monday november 17th, this is the deadline for your 5 dollar donation.

the Duck Patrol is also part of our Kiniya project and i need a big crowd on Sunday November 9th from 2pm to 3pm at the duck pond. wear your uniform, we are hoping for newspaper coverage. Please try to come and bring your friends and neighbors as well. i wanted to mention that i have several neighbor friends i bring with me to many events (one was samantha who is now in our new group, her mom jean is the new leader) and lauren lives on our street (and her mom amanda is considering becoming the leader of a new group for first graders at cubberley). camp fire is always struggling for new members and this is a great way to introduce other people to all that we do, bring your pals to our funnest events, you can even bring them to meetings (just let me know ahead of time so i can plan for extra people for crafts). the more kids (especially at cubberley) who are in camp fire, the more members we have, the stronger our council will be.

i will be making a "christmas list" of things you can buy for your girls that will help them in camp fire and let us be more creative at our meetings. some supplies are just too expensive to take from our kitty, but if enough girls have them we can make even more complicated things. i know i am always looking for quality christmas presents. this is not mandatory, just an idea list!!


Monday, October 27, 2008

mask craft completed!

thank you EVERYONE for making this mask craft a success, so many of you had to work on these at home on your own. they came out great and i really appreciate all the hard work you did. these are truly amazing!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thank you Matt Whitlock!!!!

author/illustrator Matt Whitlock met with us today, thank you to everyone who attended and bought books. i was so impressed with how well behaved and interested everyone was and Matt was amazing! i was especially thrilled to hear him encourage the kids to write and illustrate their own books, his presentation was fantastic.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

mask reminder

please put another coat of glue/water on you mask this week, make sure you give it enough time to dry. you can add more string, colored yarn to the top and sides if you dont think there is enough (emily's mask needed a little more string on top to make it stronger). remember, this will be a mask that you put over your head, it needs to be strong enough to keep its shape. with this dry hot weather, the mask should dry pretty quick if you put it in the sun.

next week, bring back your mask and if you have feathers, raffia string or anything you would like to add to your mask to make it creepy, funny, scary or ???? please bring it. we will have a glue gun to decorate them. bring anything you think will make your mask unique and bring extras to share. (anyone with an extra glue gun, please bring, thanks!)

hope to see lots of you on sunday for the author signing! tell your friends too!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

author talk

Sunday October 26th, 2pm at Once Upon a Story in Long Beach, we will have an author speak with us about his books. His name is Matt Whitlock, i am still getting more info on him. he has written several books and works for nickelodeon as an illustrator on the fairly odd parents. i want to make sure enough of us can go to this event so i am giving out info before i know everything because this is a bit last minute.

If you can make it to this, please come! I really want to have local artists and authors talk with the girls to inspire them to read so if you can, please try to make it! bring friends and siblings are welcome.

I will put a link to the website for directions to the bookstore.

dont forget your bucket for tomorrow's craft project (bring it in a cardboard box so you can take it home to dry)


ok, got some info! check it out here!

Halloween Carnival 2008

thanks to everyone who came and helped out, we had a great time!

Friday, October 17, 2008

peer puppets

our last meeting was about peer pressure and we made stick puppets out of fabric scraps. the original idea for these puppets are here, made from paper mache (i prefer the paper mache, but its hard to get these messy crafts together!!)

halloween, duck patrol

hello there!

this saturday (october 18) from 4 to 7 is our halloween carnival. come dressed in costume and ready to have some fun! bring your friends and neighbors and all those siblings of yours!

our first "Duck Patrol" will be Sunday November 9th from 2 to 3pm. please come in uniform, i am sending out a memo to the press telegram, hoping for some coverage for the newspaper! we will have a table set up with info to hand out to people and the girls will "patrol" the lake with the boy scouts. i am inviting all of camp fire to join in so hopefully we will have a big crowd. please come and bring friends and family to help spread the word about the ducks!

dont forget a plastic bucket and a cardboard box to bring it home in (you will bring it back to the following meeting)

i have tentatively signed up an author to speak with us on sunday october 26th in the afternoon at Once Upon a Story, i know this is short notice but it has been in the works for awhile now and his schedule just opened up. as soon as i get the ok, i will post more info on the author. mark you calendars though, this will be a fun event!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

coming up

i just want to say, this year has been great, the girls have been fabulous! i have had a great time with these first few meetings, everyone is so well behaved! thank you so much to everyone who is helping me out since kathleen has moved, i really feel the support and it has energized me. so thanks again!

we have a new member: Ryann Albin, mom is Kim, hello albins! we also have a new group at cubberley started and we will work very closely with them. please help them get new members by spreading the word to your friends.

we have a lot coming up, here is a run down:

next meeting october 13
trail to knowing me, puppet making, peer pressure
KINIYA is coming up, we are donating to Heifer International (picking animals in an upcoming meeting) we will be talking about "charity chore" tickets tonight: each girl will have 5 charity chore tickets to be redeemed at home, by doing household chores and earning a dollar per chore. this will earn each girl 5 dollars to donate to the heifer international organization. each chore will also earn a bead under "family and community", you can look in your bead book for ideas for chores or make custom chores that suit your family needs. this means 5 yellow beads earned! we will also be continuing our work on the duck patrol (there will be several weekends in the next two months to sign up for a "patrol" time) to be announced soon.

october 18th HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL 4p-7p
wear your costume, sign up for a one hour shift (in our sign in book)
tell your neighbors to come, bring your friends and family, have fun!

october 20
BOOK CLUB meeting: bring in your favorite book to share
bring a plastic bucket or pail, something that fits over your head. also bring a cardboard box to take your project home, it will be messy and wet. we are making masks. bring your mask back next week to be completed.

october 24
finish masks, please bring back your mask!!! we will be decorating it. a real work of art!
halloween theme meeting, wear your costumes if you would like. thank you kim for helping with tonights meeting!!

november 3rd
sewing meeting (thank you christine!!)
KINIYA money and chore list is due (please write down the chores you did, put this in your workbook, we will share tonight)

november 10 NO MEETING

november 11 veterans day ADVENTURE LEVEL BEAD FAIR

9:30am to 12:30 am, bring a sack lunch. cost is 5 dollars per girl (covers 7-9 different crafts/activities and a bead earned for each activity) please let me know asap if you can or cannot attend this event. this is a very important and fun event, try to make it if you can. we will be with all the other adventure level groups. thank you anne marie, kim and christine!

november 17

KINIYA ceremonial practice
tentatively: Cleaver will do a bead craft with us!!!

november 20

KINIYA starts at 6pm (the lodge is open to showcase our posters starting at 6pm)
thank you janet for helping with this event!

remember: jacket, sit upon or blanket, flashlight, uniform (white camp fire shirt, blue vest, blue pants). please eat before event, do not bring toys or food. all family members welcome. parents, please stay seated at the end of the event to allow all the groups to exit and do a final wohelo call, then exit and meet us at the lodge for punch and cookies. we will have more info as we get closer to kineya. camp fire is trying to make our ceremonials more streamlined and serious, please help us make these events even more special!

november 24

cooking with christine (thanksgiving theme) at christine whipps house
6pm to 7pm (regular meeting time) 5863 Pageantry, 90808

in december: we will have another cooking meeting, this time at ryann albins house (our newest member!) scheduled for december 15 so far. remember we have the belmont shore parade on december 6th, jami will be helping out on this event. we have our annual christmas party at dori's mom's house, still dont have a date for that but looking at a sunday before christmas. dori is in charge of this event.

thanks everyone! our group rocks!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

indian symbolism, totem poles

we learned about indian symbolism and totem poles, the indian theme will become more and more important as we move into the adventure level

upcoming events: halloween carnival and kiniya!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

a new year!

welcome to adventure level! we are working on the first few pages of our workbooks (if you missed the meeting, read through the first few pages and fill out everything up to the autograph section) we will go over it again at the next meeting, but quicker the second time around.

we have great news! a new third grade group is forming at cubberley! we have a new leader and co leader and a few girls interested in joining. if any friends have been asking to join camp fire, please let them know we have a group they can join. we are going to work very closely with them so we will be one big happy family!

see you next week. please bring your workbook to all meetings.