Sunday, September 9, 2012

fall 2012

well unfortunately we have lost the ability to use Grace First church for our meetings, they don't have enough room for us for some reason. i have put the calendar together for the year and there may be some meetings we have at the council and sometimes we will need to meet at a house. there aren't that many meetings so i think this will work out fine. please be ready for some changes here and there and different meeting locations. i will post everything to the blog, so please check it regularly.

today was farm lot 59 and it was amazing, sorry so many people couldn't attend, i know it's hard to coordinate weekend activities. the farm lot 59 has monthly work parties (2nd saturday of every month) so you can make up today's event by attending one of the work parties in the next few months. they made special arrangements for us today so you might want to group a few families together and let me (or the farm) know in advance that you are coming so they can make the work party more kid friendly. you won't be disappointed by a visit to farm lot 59, it is a truly amazing place!!

of course, the wetlands events are monthly as well. i will keep you updated on turtle walks and restoration events. let me know if you want any info on the wetlands and/or the colorado lagoon.

Sept 24  Monday first meeting of the year 6 to 730 tentatively at the council
Oct 20 Halloween Carnival at the council
Oct 22 Monday Pumpkin Carving Party at the Whipps 6 to 730
Oct 29 Monday Neighborhood Assoc Potluck Party
Nov 5 Monday thanksgiving meeting at the council 6 to 730
Nov 15 Thursday Kiniya 6:30
Nov 17 Saturday Backyard Bees visit 2pm
Nov 26 Monday Discovery Aids Gift Wrap party
Dec 1 Belmont Shore Parade
Dec 10 meeting/xmas party

So thats the first part of the calendar, i will give you copies for the year at the first meeting.

this year the girls will work in groups of 3 or 4 to plan and run a meeting for the rocket cats. they will need to be available from 6 to 7pm on a future Wednesday, just one (jan 23, feb 13 or march 27) so look ahead for any conflicts in schedule. we can be very flexible with when we do these meetings, this is just tentatively set up. please don't wait until the last minute to tell my your kid has something on one of those dates after they have been assigned though. thanks!!

we will be continuing to work on our cooking torch bearer, FINALLY get to using our bead looms and spend time learning about bees. i really really really hope everyone can make it to the backyard bees farm visit in november. mark your calendars!! i always have room for a few extra kids.