Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer events

Coming up, a few events to attend:

Friday and Saturday, July 9th and 10th "Acoustic Tidal Artwalk" at the Colorado Lagoon. I am in charge of hosting an arts/crafts/games table/booth area and need my Camp Fire kids to help out. Soon I will have all the details, but if you can volunteer for this event let me know. ++++update+++++ Start time is 6pm to 10pm, we will be hosting a craft table and game area. Our location will be near the playground at the lagoon. Wear your camp fire uniform, I am working on making special t-shirts for the event. You will get one if you come help out.

It is held at the Colorado Lagoon in Long Beach, last year it was in the late afternoon/evening, official times for this year are not out yet. It is a fun celebration at the beach with displays of art/photos that are influenced by our beaches and wetlands. There will be food, music, activities for the kids, a lovely location. We enjoyed ourselves so much last year, looking forward to being a part of the festivities this year. This is a great way for our camp fire kids to get out in the public showing support for our local wetlands.

July 31st Saturday
the 100 years of Camp Fire Celebration!!! This event will be starting in the afternoon (around 4pm) and we are signed up to help, more details to come, my first choice for us was to help with singing and serenading. Please mark your calendars for this event and tell all your friends and families to come. this is a National event and we will earn beads and possibly a special patch for helping out. 100 year celebrations don't come around every day!! ******update****** we will be serenading on the patio outside the lodge.

Camp Shiwaka August 9 through 13 (day camp meeting to be announced, probably Sat or Sun August 7/8)
this year we will be earning an outdoor progression patch and i have some interesting crafts lined up! Can't wait! On thursday, we will be meeting early to have a special nature walk together (bring a sack lunch) i will post the time when we get closer to camp.

A few dates to put on your calendar for next year: the Benefit Auction Saturday September 25th, our group will be donating a basket. All groups are invited to attend the dinner and help support Camp Fire. If you are looking for ways to help support Camp Fire in Long Beach, this dinner would be a great way. Camp Fire is always struggling financially, so this might be something your family is interested in attending. It is held at the Long Beach Hilton.

A few fall dates:
October Halloween The Potential Lunatics Concert (*****still working on the date*****)
October 1st Neighborhood potluck, bunco night 6pm
October 23 fall halloween carnival 4-7pm
November 13 Camp Wasewagon (13-14)

We will continue having meetings run by you guys and we are starting a new idea called "Alumni Events" The first alumni event will be the TPL concert in October, we will have a Progressive dinner in december and invite all alumnis to our spring camp out. I hope to start a tradition of having a Beach Bonfire Potluck during the summer and include all of our former Camp Fire friends and families. I am sure everyone misses our camp fire friends who could not continue with our group. Let me know if you want to help with the Beach Bonfire planning, that is one event i need some help with. thanks!!

I will keep updating the blog as info comes in!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 2010

We have two meetings left, June 7 (Danica is hosting) and June 14 at the church (bring a t-shirt or two, we will be silkscreening)

Registration is due by our last meeting (june 14th) check made out to camp fire usa for 26.64

Camp Shiwaka registration due BEFORE this friday june 4th, i will be at the council friday morning to register our group.

I have a large batch of orange beads, just in, let me know if you want to come help me at my garden plot at the community garden over the summer to earn orange beads. check your "vintage" camp fire books (i still have a few xerox copies of the orange bead section) and let me know if you have earned some on your own. we will continue to earn vintage beads next year so if you haven't picked up a vintage camp fire book yet (cheap on ebay) it would be a good idea to get one over the summer. also, the symbol book will also be used over the next few years if you want to pick one up as well. let me know if you have any questions about earning beads or have creative ideas we can do as a group (one idea is to have a father/daughter cake baking contest... love that one!!)


i will be working on our slide show over the summer so send me your photos (historians, you might have some you forgot to send me?) the more i get of all of you the less you will have to see of emily (ha ha!!) i will try to get it done and mailed off before day camp but i might include day camp... so we will see how it goes.

thank you everyone!!