Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall 2014

Hey there!!

Just a reminder that there is the Neighborhood Association Bingo night this Monday Oct 14 at Millikan cafeteria, 5:45 Bingo and Mexican Dinner (catered)

Our Kiniya project this year is to help out at the SPCA (Sophia is looking into this to see if we can spend a day volunteering in the near future). We will be collecting and donating towels and blankets (used but no rips, holes) so start collecting them. We will deliver them sometime in December.

Halloween Carnival: Saturday Oct 19, 4 to 7pm.

4pm Elise, Jessica, Sophia
5pm Ava
6pm Emily, Lily, Katie

let me know what shift you want if you haven't signed up yet
Each girl was assigned to bring an item for our gross out booth. Please make sure you drop it off at the start of the carnival 4pm, so we can use the item in our booth. I will be there at 3pm to set up, everyone is welcome to come early and help out.
  Elise: smokies (hotdogs)
  Ella: peeled grapes
  Katie: raisins
  Jessica: cooked spaghetti
  Sophia: one large cauliflower

Are there any dads interested in helping out with the parking? If we can get a few volunteers from each group, dads will only have to work briefly to get people in and out of the parking lot safely.

Meetings: Oct 28  Whipps (Christine, Katie's house) Pumpkin carving party: bring pumpkin and carving tools please
                  Nov 4  Sophia's house
                  Dec 16th Christmas Party at the Hamiltons house (Ava) yay!!!
Still need volunteers to host: Jan 6, 27 March 10, 31
April 28 Jessica's house
June 9th last meeting of the year, we can plan something really really really fun!!

Please attend the monthly friday Discovery events at Camp Fire, we are using these events to supplement our meetings (that's why we have so few this year) so please attend, they are super fun and are similar to the Horizon club meetings the girls will attend once a month starting next year.