Friday, August 21, 2009

fall, here we come!

first meeting of the year: monday sept 21st 5pm at the church

parents please join us for a combined parent/info meeting.

we will be implementing a new system of officers (president, vp, secretary etc) for the girls to sign up for. these new officers will change the beginning of our meeting to a more "business like" environment. the girls will be given more responsibility in running the group. i am so looking forward to watching the girls in their new roles, they are sooooo ready!

we will also be assigning a lesson to each girl who will then run a future meeting (including the organizing of lesson, craft and snack). i will give out the choices at the first meeting so it is important to be there, if you cannot make it, you will have to pick what is left over (they are all fun, so dont worry!) each activity will have 1 to 3 beads earned, some are more time consuming than others so it is not a competition. the meeting dates are already assigned to each girl, the official calendar for the year will be handed out at the first meeting, giving plenty of planning time. you can host the meeting anywhere, at your house, the church or a special location. it is up to each girl to decide. there are plenty of choices to choose from, lots of variety. this is JUST FOR FUN too, not like an oral report to earn a grade.

also, the council auction is sept 26th and we need to donate an item. i am working on something (maybe a quilt or pillows) so i may need to get you guys over to my house the weekend of the 12th or 13th for some quick artwork. i will send out an email if i need to do this, otherwise i will see you all on the 21st.