Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall 2014

Hey there!!

Just a reminder that there is the Neighborhood Association Bingo night this Monday Oct 14 at Millikan cafeteria, 5:45 Bingo and Mexican Dinner (catered)

Our Kiniya project this year is to help out at the SPCA (Sophia is looking into this to see if we can spend a day volunteering in the near future). We will be collecting and donating towels and blankets (used but no rips, holes) so start collecting them. We will deliver them sometime in December.

Halloween Carnival: Saturday Oct 19, 4 to 7pm.

4pm Elise, Jessica, Sophia
5pm Ava
6pm Emily, Lily, Katie

let me know what shift you want if you haven't signed up yet
Each girl was assigned to bring an item for our gross out booth. Please make sure you drop it off at the start of the carnival 4pm, so we can use the item in our booth. I will be there at 3pm to set up, everyone is welcome to come early and help out.
  Elise: smokies (hotdogs)
  Ella: peeled grapes
  Katie: raisins
  Jessica: cooked spaghetti
  Sophia: one large cauliflower

Are there any dads interested in helping out with the parking? If we can get a few volunteers from each group, dads will only have to work briefly to get people in and out of the parking lot safely.

Meetings: Oct 28  Whipps (Christine, Katie's house) Pumpkin carving party: bring pumpkin and carving tools please
                  Nov 4  Sophia's house
                  Dec 16th Christmas Party at the Hamiltons house (Ava) yay!!!
Still need volunteers to host: Jan 6, 27 March 10, 31
April 28 Jessica's house
June 9th last meeting of the year, we can plan something really really really fun!!

Please attend the monthly friday Discovery events at Camp Fire, we are using these events to supplement our meetings (that's why we have so few this year) so please attend, they are super fun and are similar to the Horizon club meetings the girls will attend once a month starting next year.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May June wrap up

Spring Camp Out was super fun, thank you to everyone who came and donated food for dinner. We had a good turn out and the girls worked hard Saturday morning getting the lodge set up and serving people who were eating pancakes. Good job Tanda ya o gah girls!!

I still need pancake money from Sophia and Lily, please get that to me ASAP, we are already late turning it in. thanks.

Next meeting is Monday May 20th at Sophia's house from 6 to 7:15pm. We will have registration forms for next year to fill out and turn in, please don't just drop off but come in and get the paperwork from me. I need to make an appointment to turn it all in which is difficult with my work schedule. If you can fill it out (it's super easy) and just have a 20$ check ready, that would be awesome. We will collect dues in the fall.

So far I only have Ava, Emily and Katie signed up for Camp Shiwaka. Let me know if you you are going and get the paperwork to me by Monday May 20th. We really need more than 3 girls to make it fun and i have lots of plans to do some extra fun projects.

This Saturday is a Discovery Level beach party (May 18th from 11am to 3pm, mailers were sent out) Emily is going but is hoping some other kids from our group can go too. The council has asked me if there are any parents willing to stay and help chaperone. There will be college aged kids running the event, they just want a few extra parents in case of any emergencies. Let me know today if possible so I can let the council know. Chris will be taking Emily and dropping her off if anyone wants to go with him, he can pick your kid up on his way. thanks!!

Our last meeting is Monday June 3rd, Christine and I are working on plans for some kind of party/celebration. We will get the details out as soon as we have plans finalized. We are open to suggestions too.

Camp Shiwaka: June 17 through 21  I need your registration and check by Monday May 20th if possible so I can get it turned in. We will either have a quick planning meeting at my house prior to camp or i will organize via emails.

See you Monday at Sophias!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Events for March, April and May

New events added to our calendar:

Saturday March 23 Madrona Marsh Nature walk 10am to noon

Saturday April 6 Los Cerritos Wetlands Restoration and planting event, 10:30 to 12:30
  (meet at the corner of 1st street and PCH, Seal Beach)

Saturday May 4th Los Cerritos Rancho crafts and house visit 1pm to 4pm

All these events include the Rocket Cats too, the Los Cerritos Wetlands is a Neighborhood Association event.

Meeting added for Monday March 11th at Christine/Katie Whipp's house, 6 to 7:30pm

Friday, February 15, 2013

ARt WorkShop

Info regarding the Art Workshop

Monday Feb 25  5 to 6pm    $5/kid

Each club member is to bring a photograph if possible, or a drawing of their Spark Champion to the Art Workshop on Monday Feb 25. At the workshop, each club member will create art works using the photograph or drawing (or even just the written name of their Spark Champion) and then incorporate that into the medium of print making. A Spark Champion can be a teacher, coach, parent, grandparent, neighbor or any adult who helps, encourages and is there to guide youth in working on their spark. A "spark" is anything that a person enjoys doing or something that interests them (for example: art, writing, reading, sports, a specific subject in school etc etc)

Please help your child pick a Spark Champion before they attend the Art Workshop.

Spark Champion Showcase

On Friday April 19, 2013, we will have an evening reception at the Camp Fire Council to showcase the art from the Art Workshop. We will send out invitations to all Spark Champions to honor and thank them for being a Spark Champion to a young person in Camp Fire. More info to come.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013

Candy Sales 2013

thank you everyone for a great sale!!

please drop off your money to me by tuesday feb 12


Monday, January 7, 2013

Jan 2013

Happy New Year!!

Next up: Meeting Monday Jan 7 (bring your bead looms, needles, thread, seed beads) at Sophia's house from 6 to 7:15/30

Candy Sale Kick off at 5:45 pm, Millikan High School cafeteria on Thursday Jan 10
bring a main dish, side dish, salad, drinks, utensils or dessert. be sure and email me with what you are bringing so we have enough variety

The Tanda run Rocket Cat meeting coming up:

  Wednesday March 27 6 to 7pm at the council "Knowing Me: AND "Future"

I am adding a meeting on Monday March 11 6 to 7:30 so be sure and add it to your calendar.

here is a cool link to a project about famous women in history: enjoy!!