Saturday, August 15, 2015

upcoming events fall 2015

Info about upcoming wetlands events.

Saturday November 7  10:30 to 12:30  Los Cerritos Wetlands Habitat Restoration

Gentle Barn visit: Saturday November 21 11 am, meet at McDonalds near Camp Fire for a quick breakfast 8:30am

Please finish your 2 DCA reflection papers, paper on the history of camp fire (pass the wo he lo camp fire history book around to each other asap), finish the torch bearer (i handed out all the requirements, let's get it done)

Attend all Horizon Club meetings and events, sign up to help, try to get an officer/chair position if possible.

Find a mentor for your wo he lo project (Nancy, Marci or Georgia for example) or someone in your life that is an inspiration to you. Remember, your wo he lo project should reflect an interest you have, something you want to achieve, an organization you want to help etc. It can be Camp Fire or it can be something else entirely.

Sept 17 HC parent booster meeting 7pm at the council
Sept 21 HC meeting 5:30 (turn in paperwork and dues)
Sept 24  Kiniya 7pm at the council
Sept 28 WoHeLo orientation meeting 6pm (kids and parents)
Oct 4 HC meeting 5:30
Oct 10 HC tree tending 9am to noon
Oct 17 Halloween Carnival
Oct 19 Bingo Night
Oct 26 Benefit auction training 5pm
Nov 2 HC meeting 5:30
Nov 7   Los Cerritos Wetlants 10:30 to 12:30  AND Benefit Auction 6:00pm

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